She is the support.

In the last 11 years there has been no moment in which I have lost her support. Not even once. Buy and manage a bar together while having full-time jobs? She was there. Leave my old job without a backup plan? No problem. Join a new business? Sure. Sacrifice day after day, weekend after weekend? She’ll prepare the coffee.

I’m not easy. I’m a grumpiness machine. I’ve been falling in the dark side of the Force for the last 2 years. Constantly complaining, ranting about how hard is my work, linking gloomy moments of defeatist attitude with horrible attacks of remorse. But she… She. She has been with me through everything.

She is the laughter. The open, honest, perservering laugh making it worthwhile. We usually go for a 7am coffee to a coffeehouse where we’re surrounded by sleepy people that are trying to regain consciousness. No matter if she is tired or sleepy, Bego is always smiling, laughing, making jokes. This causes all kind of reactions in the audience.

Most people are simply in shock for such display of vitality. They can’t find the reason for happiness in the wee small hours of the morning. The rest of the audience displays a interesting mix of faces collected from all points of the spectrum that goes from plain envy to infuriating nuisance. I feel I’m the luckiest person in the world having that laugh in my life.

They don’t understand what a rare gift Bego has. She is member of one of most exclusive clubs on Earth: People That Makes Your Life Better Giving You Hope And Happiness Even In The Rough Times.

And she married me.

Happy birthday my darling.

I love you.

July 2012