Aitor García Rey writes code, designs and helps managing Linking Paths, a web company obsessed with creating simple and useful web applications. But he refuses to be only one thing. He is not happy being “a developer” anymore; the tag has become constraining, dehumanizing. He refuses to accept a monochrome version of himself that spans his interests or capabilities only in a few areas.

Specialization is for insects, and he wants to be a human.

Absurdly in love with high quality, long lasting products, he cofounded Jositajosi in 2009, a small company that makes awesome sleeves for that shiny gadgets you carry with you everywhere.

Our society is becoming software based and, as consequence, he founded Pro Bono Publico, the main advocate of Open Data in Spain and organizer of AbreDatos, a 48h hackaton to develop open source public services.

He telegraphs 140 chars messages too often, publishes grainy images in the web, maintains a digital commonplace book and will be happy to answer your emails (it can take a while).

Born in that small, beautiful corner of the world called Basque Country, Aitor García Rey has been recently in Copenhaguen learning about Interaction Design with a group of incredible people in CIID Summer School 2012. Now he is back in Reykjavík, Iceland, where he is actually living and marvelling at how awesome his wife is, how short is our life and how full of challenges the World is these days.