How to write a micro-story in 30 minutes

0 min. Wake up early. If you are not a morning person, just free yourself from the bed, and try by all means to get to the shower. Once there, the water will do the rest in 5 minutes.

5 min. Go to the kitchen. Ignore any mess that is -pretty certainly- around. Your task is make a cup of coffee. Focus. No matter if it tastes horrible, but it should be pitch black. Remember: only half of the coffee is for your mouth, the other half is for your eyes. Wait.

15 min. Go to the street. No matter what don’t take the elevator. Sometimes they have this really catchy jingles. If you hear one the rest of the day will be spent humming it. Use the staircase.

16 min. Start to walk in the opposite way you usually does. Instead of left, turn right today; change walking fast for slow moving; start greeting strangers if you are usually afraid of them.

19 min. Suddenly something will happen. It always happens. Maybe the last greenlandic inuit want to tell you the story of Utkusik, his alcoholic caribou. Maybe you come across a group of men and women that races each other nearly naked through the main square.

20 min. Pick your notebook and write. It’s utterly important that you don’t think. Don’t let yourself think about the story. Just write.

28 min. After a few scrawls the story will flash before your eyes: We are running down the street in our underwear because nothing ever happens here.

30 min. Relax.

Happy Birthday Eva, We love you.

This is a micro-story written (with the inspiration of my adorable wife) as present for our friend Eva. Kudos to @dr_guapo, Bernardo Atxaga and FM Belfast for being an inspiration.