Nice state

There is an ongoing attack on common sense. Move fast and break things then move fast and fix things. Profit. Repeat. Price has replaced cost so completely that you don’t clean your clothes anymore. You ship new dirt-cheap ones from China and give old dirt-dirt ones to charity. Moral gratifying consumerism. It’s Slavoj Žižek all over the place.

Everything that is honest, good and worthy of being called human is predicated as inefficient. Not doing anything is the most sinful of the states. Being bored is sacrilege. Wandering is unholy. NERDS MUST AUTOMATE. Food as bland, gooey fuel. Calendar as a gap to fill. Infinite scrolling as the final free time killer.

Old, stagnant sectors are destroyed and replaced by unstable part-time low-paying jobs and sold as a victory of the “Sharing Economy”, your new utopy for just 9.99$/month. Socialist terminology is eaten alive by the VC Politburo and it tastes great. Don’t buy the propaganda.

Hum, nice state of affairs when a man has to indulge his vices by proxy.